Starship Troopers 3 Marauder

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colonel Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien), hero of Planet P, finds himself battling bugs, new and old, on the federation frontier planet known as Roku San. When Roku San falls to the arachnid scourge in a high pitched, action packed battle Colonel Rico finds himself sentenced to death for acts of insubordination. But with the future of the federation and the life of his good friend (Jolene Blalock) lying in the balance Col. Rico is freed from jail and charged with taking the fight to the bugs using the highly advanced weapons system known as Marauder. Using the new technology Rico and his crack squad defeat the arachnids on the distant planet known only as OM-1 and, in turn, help save his fellow soldiers from death at the hands a treasonous element operating within Federation itself. In the final scenes of the movie we see planet OM-1 being decimated by mankind's new "Q-Bomb". Rico considers a promotion to General and leader of the Marauder Project of the Federation. The film ends with the traditional quirky and cheesy Federation recruitment ad.more info