Battle of Wits (2006)

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The film is set in the Warring States Period of China. The state of Zhao invades the (fictional) city-state of Liang. Ge Li (Andy Lau), a Mohist, comes to Liang to help protect the city. He warns of the dangers of surrendering to an invading Zhao army that intends to conquer Liang. The king of Liang worries about Ge Li inciting war amongst the public, but decides to allow him to temporarily aid in defending Liang.

Ge Li's creates a bulwark and various traps to slow down the invading army. The Prince and Generals of Liang question his leadership and skills as a tactician, but time after time, his tactics were right. The Prince of Liang eventually develops a high level of respect for Ge Li's wisdom and experience. After Ge Li successfully defends the kingdom from superior numbers, he becomes highly revered by the local populace.more info