Harold and Kumar 2 Escape from Guantanamo Bay

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Following the events of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel fly to Amsterdam so Harold can pursue a budding romance with his neighbor, Maria. After a prolonged struggle with security, the pair run into Vanessa, Kumar's ex-girlfriend, who happened to be the one who introduced Kumar to marijuana and helped him come out of his shell as an undergraduate. They are soon joined by Vanessa's fiancee, Colton, who helped Harold get his current job before embarking on a career with the government. The two board the plane, but an old woman passenger becomes instantly nervous at Kumar's appearance, envisioning him as a terrorist. Mid-flight, Kumar follows Harold to the restroom with his new invention: a smokeless bong. As Harold exits, the same old woman sees Kumar lighting the bong, then exclaiming "It's a bomb!" Air marshals immediately detain both men, and the plane returns to Washington, where Ron Fox, an overzealous undersecretary of Homeland Security, interrogates the pair before sending them to the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Moments after their arrival, the pair are instructed to perform an oral sex act on a guard, but then manage to escape,[3] hitching a ride to Miami aboard a boat used by Cuban immigrants.more info