Three Kims

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The first Kim runs a private Taekwondo martial art institute. But don't expect a sophisticated master who knows how to throw artful kicks. He is preoccupied with petty subjects, often whining about nothing, and asks his young son to cook their meals. The second Kim specializes in fencing and competes with the first Kim to attract more kids in a small, rural town. The second Kim's hobby is to play a coin-operated video game with one of the children in the village, and when he is losing the game, Kim never hesitates to cheat - a characteristic that might border on child molestation, but since this is an explicit comedy, he simples gets away with his tricks all the time.

There is another factor that heightens the competition between the two Kims. Both Kims are keen to win the heart of a beautiful woman , who is a daughter of the Chinese restaurant owner.

The childish competition takes an embarrassing turn when a third player joins the fray. A young and good-looking kung fu master with the same name sets up