Sword Stained with Royal Blood - TV-Series, complete 1 - 30 (first 16 episodes online)

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There are 20 chapters in the 3rd edition of this work. The plot centers around a master swordman named Yuan Cheng Zhi (袁承志)who witnessed the end of the Ming Dynasty and aided the Li Zi Cheng rebellion while the Manchurians were invading proper China.

The story begins with a preamble about a Brunei official and his man-servant arriving in China during the late Ming dynasty only to be robbed at knife point. In their escape, they met a group of former soldiers who were under the command of general Yuan Chong Huan. Yuan Chong Huan had been put to death by the emperor unjustly and his men wanted to avenge his death. Li Zi Cheng had sent an envoy to meet these men in hope that they will aid his rebellion against the emperor. This effectively sets the historical backdrop of the story and introduces Yuan Cheng Zhi, Yuan Chong Huan’s son and hero of the story, as a young teenager with basic martial arts skills but with great potential. The preamble ends with the Brunei official, realising that China at this time was unsafe and in chaos, returning hurriedly to Brunei.more info