Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

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The movie begins with the main protagonist Ryu facing off against Muay Thai champion Sagat. With the thunder roaring in the background, the two fight an epic duel. However, despite his renowned strength and abilities, World Warrior champion Sagat finds himself losing the battle. Channelling his chi, he unleashes his built-up internal energy at his challenger. Ryu evades the blow, but Sagat knocks him down with a couple of kicks. Sagat attempts to finish Ryu off. However, Ryu counter-attacks by unleashing his chi in the form of a Shoryuken, inflicting a severe wound on Sagat's chest, a wound that later becomes Sagat's trademark scar. Enraged, Sagat charges towards Ryu, determined not to lose. Ryu, seeking his inner calm, gathers his internal energy and unleashes it in the form of a Hadouken. The battle is over. However, unknown to the combatants, the fight was being recorded and analyzed by a Monitor Cyborg transmitting the data to Shadowlaw headquarters and its leader, M. Bison who would later order a manhunt for Ryu and recruit Sagat to become his "special soldier" alongside Vega and Balrog.more info