My Wife Is A Gangster 3

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Korean gangster Han Ki-Chul is put in charge by his Big Boss of looking after Lim Aryoung who comes from Hong Kong. She turns out to be a women and acts very cold toward him and his associates. Moreover none of them speaks her language and she doesn't understand Korean. A translator called Yeon-Hee arrives. She is immature and very scared of the gangsters so at the beginning, instead of translating Aryung's rather rude answers, she changes them to nice ones. Quickly, Aryung shows her fighting skills beating other bosses to save her companions. Ki-Chul and his associates who are rather unskilled are impressed and get afraid of her while, upon finding that they are actually nice, she's trying to be more friendly. Her efforts are ruined by Yeon-Hee who, taking advantage of Aryoung's aura, 'translates' very threatening sentences.more info