Made of Honor - 2008

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Tom and Hannah met in college when he accidentally slipped in her bed thinking she was her roommate. He was impressed how feisty and honest she was. He always had girls flinging themselves at him but Hannah was against all that. Tom (Patrick Dempsey) is successful in life. He's become wealthy from his invention of the "coffee collar", has plenty of guy friends to hang with, a new girl every week, and his one best friend. From the very start it's obvious this best friend is crazy about him and he takes her for granted. They go to antique stores together and guess each other desserts at a famous bakery. His best friend Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) goes to Scotland on an acquisition trip for her museum (though still manages to spend 4 out of her 6 weeks there sight seeing) and Tom realises he feels empty without her. All the girls he goes out with while she is gone complain about the antiques store or can't even play the dessert guessing game.more info