Happy Funeral

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# Language: Chinese
# Subtitle: English

Back in 2003, filmmaker Barbara Wong directed the sleeper hit Truth or Dare - 6th Floor Rear Flat, about six Hong Kong roommates who begin the painful - and often painfully funny - process of growing up while living in the same small flat. Not one to leave success alone, Wong returns with Happy Funeral, a sequel to her hit film featuring an all-new cast of youngsters occupying the same “6th Floor Rear Flat” as in the original. Instead of Karena Lam, Lawrence Chou, Candy Lo, and Sammy (all of whom appear here in a cameo), the film headlines rising star Elanne Kwong and promising actress Tian Yuan (Best New Artist award-winner for Butterfly). Comedic pop duo I Love U Boyz and rising hip-hop duo Fama play the two girls’ roommates. Rounding out the cast is Him Law (See You in You Tube), singer Stephanie Cheng (Trivial Matters), veteran actor Eric Tsang, and hot Taiwan idol group Lollipop in a special cameo.
Young women Ji (Elanne Kwong) and Kay (Tian Yuan) live with four guys (played by Siu Yeah Jim and Donald Tong of I Love U Boyz, and 6 Wing and C Kwan of Fama) in a single flat, where they hold parties and avoid responsibility like youth usually do. The six have a dream to run their own business - and the chance arrives when they concoct the idea to start a “happy funeral” service to celebrate life instead of mourning death. But their plans stall when their investor (Eric Tsang) finds their business proposal immature, and things get worse when the six are threatened with eviction from their flat. Love is in the air too; Ji finds an attraction to a debt-collecting triad (Him Law), and Kay begins to fall for one of her male roommates. When the unexpected occurs yet again, the youth find that a happy funeral may be necessary - if not for their future business, then simply to mark their passage into adulthood.