Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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This story revolves around a protagonist named Charlie Bucket tells how he won a tour in a clandestine, eccentric, but world-famous factory that produces chocolate and other assortments of candy.

His grandparents (particularly Grandpa Joe), are fantastic storytellers and tell him about the chocolate factory and how it was closed and all the workers were fired due to spies. Willy Wonka tells all his workers that he is closing his factory forever. But one day, the workers realize that the factory is up and running now, but there are no workers. Nothing ever goes in or out but the trucks filled with chocolate. Suddenly Willy Wonka sends five "Golden Tickets" into the world that states that one child will receive a special prize at the end of a tour of the factory, and these are found by Augustus Gloop (a gluttonous chocoholic), Veruca Salt - a spoiled brat, Violet Beureguarde - a contentious and competitive world record gum chewer, Mike Teavee - an obsessive fan of TV and violence, and Charlie Bucket. more info