Bhoothnath (2008) 2CD Original DVDRIP (subs)

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Bhoothnath tells the story of a ghost inside a swanky, neglected, uninhabited house in Goa. The ghost named Kailash Nath (Amitabh Bachan) is in limbo, and he won’t let anyone live inside the house, Nath Villa, to which his fond memories are attached. But then comes a family of Banku [actual name: Aman Sharma in the movie] (Aman Siddiqui), his kitchen-shy mom (Juhi Chawla) and slap-happy dad (Shah Rukh Khan) to live in the house.

The ghost has the plan of scaring the family away. But he runs into the notorious 7 year old Banku who mistakes the ghost as an angel and befriends him.

Thereby begin the funny antics of Banku and Bhoothnath. With a mere flick of his finger, Bhoothnath is able to do magical feats, and more so willingly at Banku’s command.The story seems to go in circles as the film focuses on the adventures of the kid and the ghost until Bhoothnath’s past catches up with him.more info