All About Love

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Hwang Jin Yi, a famous 16th century Gisaeng, is the most legendary courtesan of the Joseon Dynasty. She was noted for her exceptional beauty, charming quick-wit and extraordinary intellect.
Ko’s (Andy Lau) life is running perfectly for him; he has a successful job he loves, and a beautiful wife, that he loves even more. However, one day, his wife suddenly passed way, leaving Ko devastated and alone. In order to distract himself from the tragedy of losing his wife, he devotes himself fully to his work at hospital.
However, one day, Sam is admitted into the hospital and Ko finds himself strangly attracted to this woman, Coincidentally, Sam is also the recipient of a heart transplant - “Ko’s wife heart”.
“All about Love” is a colourful, sweet and touching story of destiny, love, hope and second chances